Rosomak APC For The UAE. Agreement Finalized. Improved Armour, No Amphibious Capabilities

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Rosomak S.A company has finalized a contract, within which it was expected to deliver 40 base Rosomak APC platforms for the United Arab Emirates. The vehicles in question have received a reinforced armour, and they have no amphibious capability implemented.

According to the spokesman of the Rosomak S.A company, Michał Rumin, the company has just completed performance of works related to a contract of delivery concerning the APCs that are to be received by the United Arab Emirates. Scope of responsibility included manufacturing and deliveries of forty Rosomak APC base platforms for the Patria company, which acts as the Ordering Party.

At the moment, all of the vehicles have been sent to the harbour, while hand-off procedure pertaining to all of the manufactured platforms, involving representatives of the Finnish company, had taken place earlier. Michał Rumin stressed the fact that integration of the extra equipment and delivery of the vehicles to the end customer, the UAE, are going to fall within the scope of responsibility of the Finnish Patria company, which is to transfer the platforms to the Emirates.

The carriers, in comparison with the ones used by the Poles, have received extra armour. However, they lack amphibious capabilities which are one of the basic requirements defined by the Polish Army.

The initial information related to procurement of 40 Rosomak APC (AMV 8x8) platforms for Patria company who is performing works for the UAE emerged in January this year. Then, the initial vehicle was also delivered to the final recipient. The value of the deal was estimated as PLN 170 million. This is one of the largest armament export deals for the Polish industry, and the first one concerning foreign sales of the Rosomak vehicle. In January this year, information was released, according to which further deliveries may be expected.