Armed Forces

Russia Prepared For A Great Offensive

  • Fot. Jacek Synowiec; licencja: CC BY-SA 3.0; źródło: Wikimedia Commons
    Fot. Jacek Synowiec; licencja: CC BY-SA 3.0; źródło: Wikimedia Commons

According to the Ukrainian edition of “The Voice of America” and statements made by Phillip Karber, one of the US military experts, who is also the director of the Potomac Foundation, Russia is currently seriously modifying the military structures in the Donbass area.

Karber claims that changes in the units of the “people’s republic militia” are quite obvious, as in the earlier period the militia had only consisted of battalion tactical groups which could have been considered not to be really, quantitatively, large. Currently the structure is being organized into larger units, such as brigades or corps and all of that is happening within the territory of Donbass, not in Russia. Karber says that the commanding officers, command and staff, weapons and ammunition are all supplied by Moscow. The only reason standing behind such great reorganisation effort may stem from plans of yet another offensive operation, the aim of which would be to penetrate the Ukrainian territory quicker and deeper, as Karber said.

The Potomac Foundation Director claims that should a full-scale offensive operation be conducted, not only is Ukraine going to face a humanitarian disaster, but such scenario would have catastrophic effects for the West. Karber claims that 20 million people are going to become refugees, and at the moment the western part of Ukraine has become a home for 1 million of refugees running away from the east. Should a military operation begin 10 to 20 million Ukrainians would be headed West. The territory – as Karber claims – would become a great “piece of the birthday cake” for Putin, and the European political outlook would be changed for the upcoming 20 – 30 years.

In Karber’s opinion, the West shall support the Ukrainians in the military dimension. He claims that the West should deliver arms to Ukraine and get rid of any barriers within the scope of delivering the military help.