Russian Nuclear Warheads Deployed In Crimea?

Russia has a right to deploy nuclear warheads in Crimea – as it has been stated during the press conference in Moscow, by the director of the non-proliferation and arms control department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mikhail Ulyanov. 

When asked by a representative of the Ukrainian UNIAN press agency about potential plans regarding deployment of nuclear weapons in the Crimea, Ulyanov responded that for the Russian MFA, the Crimean Peninsula constitutes a part of Russia, even though Kiev may still think that the region belongs to Ukraine. Ulyanov stated that Russia may deploy nuclear weapons within its own territory in any region, whenever such actions would be required.

Ulyanov also claimed that he has no knowledge of deployment of the nuclear warheads in the Crimean peninsula. “I don't know if there are nuclear weapons there now,” Ulyanov was quoted by Interfax news agency. “I don't know about any plans, but in principle Russia can do it.” He added that obviously, Kiev claims otherwise.

Crimean „Referendum” took place on 16th March 2014. On 18th March Putin officially stated that Crimea is a part of the Russian Federation. Anniversary of this event is to be celebrated in Russia for a week. So far, the annexation has been approved by 11 states: Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Russia.

On Monday, 9th March, the Kremlin-driven “Rossiya 1” tv station announced that a documentary on Crimea is to be premièred soon. The film is entitled as “A trail to the motherhood”. In its trailer Putin admits that, after Viktor Yanukovich ran away, the Russian special forces were ready to rescue him, while the plan of conquering Crimea was created right after the Ukrainian ex-President was moved away from power. In other words this means, that Putin officially admits to his aggression in Crimea.