Armed Forces

SCT Rubin Scopes to be Delivered for the Polish Army

Polish Ministry of Defence has ordered a batch of 200 thermal SCT Rubin scopes, which will be delivered to the Polish Armed Forces by the end of this year.

According to the information released by the Armament Inspectorate the 200 SCT Rubin thermal scope, which have been purchased, costed as much as PLN 16.2 million. PCO S.A. company is to be the contractor, and the equipment is to be delivered on 22nd December 2014.

The Armament Inspectorate justified its single source procurement procedure involvving the PCO SA company mainly with the fact needs of creating a separate support and training system would exist, should scopes manufactured by some other company be acquired.  The justification states:

(…) Introducing a thermal scope by another brand would make it impossible to use the same spare parts, components and elements of the system. Due to the above, in order to avoid procurement of other products, which would make operational use, training, maintenance and logistics difficult, a need arose to buy the scopes from the supplier services of whom we have been using so far. In the eyes of the Ordering Party, reasons for executing a single-source procurement procedure do exist (…).

Justification of single source procurement procedure regarding the SCT Rubin Thermal Scopes

Information on the negotiations regarding the SCT Rubin scopes procurement has been released at the beginning of November this year. Up until now, the Army has introduced 196 such devices into operational use.

SCT Rubin scopes may be used with Beryl carbines, Tor Anti-Material-Rifles and UKM-2000 LMGs. They are an indispensable component of the Tytan future soldier equipment set, and there will be a possibility of using them with the MSBS-5.56mm (.223) system rifles. Their purpose is to detect targets and make it possible to engage them in any weather conditions, at night and during the day. The scope makes it possible to detect a human-sized targets at distances of up to 1200 meters and it may be integrated with any weapon which features a Picatinny rail.