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Soldiers of the 6th Polish Airborne Brigade Involved in an Exercise in Canada

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    Ilustracja: ArianeGroup

Soldiers of the Polish 6th Airborne Brigade are currently participating in an exercise which is to test the combat capabilities of the unit in winter conditions. The exercise in question has been organized in Canada.

According to the information provided by the Canadian government, the annually organized  Rafale Blanche exercise involves 2800 soldiers from Armed Forces of Canada, mainly coming from the 5th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. The exercise also involves a platoon from the French 4th Riflemen Regiment (4e Régiment de Chasseurs) and 20 soldiers of the Polish 6th Airborne Brigade. The exercise is being conducted between 19th and 27th January this year.

The land forces involved are being supported by the Canadian Air Force, including two CF-18 jet fighters, CH-147F Chinook helicopters and CC-130 transport aircraft, along with 430th Tactical Helicopter Squadron, which flies the CH-146 Grifon helicopters. The Canadians stress the fact that 5th CMBG, starting from July 2015, is to consist of two high readiness task forces (TFs), namely TF 1-15 and TF 2-15, ready to intervene in any type of emergency, at home or abroad.

During the exercise the soldiers will review various winter operations, conducting offensive and defensive operations, and patrolling and winter survival. Elements of the Canadian Armed Forces, throughout the last year, took part in a series of NATO exercises that have been organized in Poland, aim of which was to reinforce the NATO eastern flank. The exercises involved the 25th Air Cavalry and 6th Airborne Brigade. According to the information provided by the General Command of the Armed Forces, training involving the Canadian Forces is to be continued this year as well.