Space Research and Development Center for PLN 4 Million

Creotech Instruments S.A. company is going to receive a subsidy, the aim of which is to support creation of a research and development centre. The facility is expected to provide assistance within the space initiatives undertaken in the future. The investment, expected to be covered with an amount of PLN 4 million, will include establishment of a design facility, prototype-creation centre, and test infrastructure, all of which are to be used for the purpose of space programmes. The 1.8 million zlotych subsidy is coming from the EU Intelligent Development operational programme.

The project pursued by Creotech Instruments is going to expand the existing production facilities, transforming them into a proper research and development centre. The investment includes creation of a satellite design facility, focusing primarily on the satellite control systems, power-supply distribution systems, and positioning systems, as well as cameras, tailored for being used in the outer space. Moreover, a prototyping facility is going to be established, making it possible to quickly manufacture, in line with the aerospace industry standards, the devices designed and destined to be used in space missions. Finally, the funds will be used to create test facilities for the newly created prototypes. The investment is expected to be located at the headquarters of the company, in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

Thanks to this undertaking, Creotech Instruments S.A. company is going to achieve an ability to design the individual components, as well as the whole satellites, manufacture the prototypes of those systems, and finally, the company would also be able to test the aforementioned solutions in conditions close to those present in the outer space.

Implementation of the said project will make it possible to raise the tempo at which the projects progress, with simultaneous decrease of the costs and increase of the production process and product reliability. Thanks to the investment, Creotech will be able to resign from some services provided by the foreign subcontractors, and carry out most of works on its own, which means that profitability shall also be increased.

President of the Creotech Instruments S.A. company, Grzegorz Brona, PhD.

After the investment is finalized, Creotech company is going to become the only Polish entity providing a full range of services related to creation and design of the orbital components of the satellite systems. This will create a potential for obtaining and execution of new projects, reinforcing the company’s status on the international market, and allowing it to get involved in cooperation in space initiatives undertaken by other businesses who have no access to facilities that are so expansive. The value of the project was defined as more than PLN 4 million. EU subsidy within the intelligent development programme, received by Creotech Instruments, is going to be provided in an amount of PLN 1.8 million. According to the company, scope of the planned investment is closely tied to the space projects that are being realized by Creotech now.

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