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Spetsnaz Deployed to Asia

  • Prorosyjskie protesty w Ługańsku. Fot. Lystopad/Wikimedia Commons

“Druzhba-2016” exercise is currently on the go. The operation in question involves the units of the Russian Spetsnaz component. Moreover, the exercise programme also involves a joint insertion operation training, with the use of helicopters.

Insertion of a tactical task force element, with involvement of helicopters, constituted one of the most important episodes of the Pakistani-Russian Druzhba-2016 drills. More than 200 members of the Pakistani special forces, and Spetsnaz reconnaissance elements from the Karachaevo-Cherkessia republic, in Russia, took part in the exercise.

The operations were executed with the use of the Pakistani Mi-17 helicopters. The soldiers used the fast-rope technique, with the helicopters hovering at the altitude of 20 meters. First, the units were tasked with defending the landing area, while execution of the tactical missions was to follow.

Druzhba-2016” is the first ever joint Pakistani-Russian military exercise. It is to last until 10th October, and involvement of around 70 members of the Russian highland infantry is also expected. The combat training during the exercise is based on the Pakistani Special Forces training centre, located up to 1,400 meters above the sea level.

The soldiers are going to take part in training within the scope of conventional mountain operations, involving neutralization of illegal armed groups, reconnaissance and search activities, and arrangement of ambushes.