Spike ATGM Contract - Missiles For The Rosomak APC

  • Satelita konstelacji MUOS, fot. Lockheed Martin
    Satelita konstelacji MUOS, fot. Lockheed Martin

The Armament Inspectorate concluded an agreement with the MESKO company, the aim of which is to realize procurement of one thousand Spike anti tank guided missiles which are going to be used as armament of the Rosomak armoured personnel carriers.

The contract, the subject of which is defined as delivery of 1000 examples of Spike ATGMs for the Rosomak infantry fighting vehicles, including the equipment required to carry out ageing tests that would prolong the operational lifetime of the missiles, was signed, on behalf of the Armament Inspectorate, by the deputy chief of the organ, Col. Piotr Imanski. On behalf of the contractor, signatures were placed by two members of the board of the Rosomak S.A. company – Piotr Jaromin and Jaroslaw Cieślik – according to the press release issued by the Ministry of Defence.

The total cost of performance of the contract, which may be treated as continuation of the Polish ATGM programme, is contained in an amount higher than PLN 602 million.

Provisions of the current contract assume that SPIKE missiles are going to be equipped with low-smoke emission propulsion system. The projectiles are to be used by the Rosomak APC, equipped with the Spike ATGM launcher. The missiles are going to be fully compatible with the portable launchers that are being used by the Polish Army – as the Ministry stressed.

Prior to the contract above, information had been released, suggesting that some of the Hitfist-30P turrets currently used by the Rosomak vehicles, are going to be integrated with the Spike-LR launchers. Newly acquired ZSSW-30 unmanned turrets are also going to be fitted with the Spike system. Dring the MSPO defence exhibition, HSW and WB Electronics have received an award from the Polish President, for developing a remotely controlled ZSSW-30 turret system equipped with the Spike ATGM launcher and integrated with the Rosomak APC.