Strategic Significance of Photonics

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In October this year, PCO S.A. has organized, together with the Warsaw University of Technology, Military University of Technology and Polish Technological Platform on Photonics, a conference, under the name “Optoelectronics as a key to security and better lives of the citizens”. The conference covered the area of technology of photonics, utilized in a variety of fields, including the energy industry, manufacturing, finishing with the defence industry.

Sessions during the first day concerned, among other issues, the “Role and tasks of the optronic industry within the context of the strategy pursued by the Polish Ministry of Defence”, and the synergy of needs and capacity between science, industry and the army.

Furthermore, the conference also included a special discussion panel: “Optoelectronics against the threats for the safety of citizens”. The involved speakers scrutinized the question of the optronics role, where the optoelectronics area is seen as a security measure, in the life of the society, and what should be done in order not to pose a threat for freedom and privacy.

On the second day of conference, two panels took place: “R&D projects and financing options” and “Optoelectronics as a Key To Better Life”. During the event, the constantly expanding field of application for the optoelectronics has been presented, with uses of both civil, as well as military profile taken into the account. 

Moreover, influx of military technologies towards the civil sector and reversed trends were also a matter which was thoroughly discussed. The speakers, together with the participants, also wondered about the needs and requirements that need to be met, in order to expand research and manufacturing processes related to optronics in Poland.

This year’s meeting also served another purpose, as it formed an opportunity for exchanging the experiences and expertise regarding a variety of aspects of photonics, among the experts and partakers. Presentation of research results and interesting projects pursued in the field of optronics became a pretext for starting a discussion about practical application of the technology in the areas of market such as security, forestry, agriculture, timber industry or industry in general - as it was stated by Ryszard Kardasz, President of the Board at PCO S.A.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of products manufactured by the companies operating within this market sector. PCO S.A presented, among other products, its CTS-2 “DIAMENT” optronic sight, and GOD-1 “IRIS” optronic sensor system.

The event involved representatives of the Polish Army, Polish Ministry of Defence, research and scientific institutes, universities and defence industry companies. The conference was supported by Bartosz Kownacki, Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defence.