Su-35S Fighters Deployed to the Western Russia

Russian Ministry of Defence announced that another Air Force squadron, using the Su-35S fighters, is going to be stationed within the limits of the Western Military District.

The new jets have been received by one of the squadrons belonging to an unspecified regiment of the Western Military District, stationed in the North-West Russia. The fighters in question are being handed-off in lots, by the engineers delegated by the regiment, directly at the Sukhois plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The first batch of the Su-35S jets has already been handed off, now it is going to be permanently deployed by the pilots to a base located in the Republic of Karelia. Before that, the said pilots received training at the Combat Training Centre for the flying crews, located in Lipetsk.

A group of engineers and technicians remained in Komsomosk-on-Amur, to carry out the handing off procedure referring to the second batch of the multi-role jets, classified by Russians as 4++ generation fighter aircraft.