Support for AESA Radars in Poland. Memorandum between WZE and Thales [Defence24 TV]


During the MSPO 2017 exhibition, WZE S.A. [Military Electronic Works], facility based in Zielonka, and Thales company have signed a memorandum of understanding on collaboration in the domain of radar systems. It is to support WZE S.A. in the process of obtaining the maintenance and manufacturing capacity related to usage of radars based on antenna arrays featuring individual transmitter-receiver modules.

Military Electronic Works facility remains responsible for maintaining most of the air-defence radars operated by the Polish Armed Forces. In order to meet this serious challenge, the facility needs capabilities, both technology- as well as manufacturing capabilities (...) We are capable of dealing with the radars based on the central transmitter, we are capable of dealing with radars with phase-shifter antenna arrays (...)

Przemysław Kowalczuk, President of the Management Board at WZE S.A.

The concept of collaboration between the WZE facility and Thales is to be focused on co-production and maintenance of Thales AESA array systems. This is to be translated, rapidly, into creation of an ability to maintain a variety of radars based on active antenna arrays utilizing transmitting-receiving modules for the Polish Armed Forces, as well as with regards to systems destined to be marketed abroad.

The cooperation between the said companies is to be developed “in baby steps”, with a prospect of being expanded with tasks of more and more serious nature. “This is a natural way of collaboration and cooperation between the Polish defence companies, and mature, foreign partners.” - as we were told by Przemysław Kowalczuk, President of the Management Board at WZE S.A. 

As noted by Philippe Chopin, Defense Sales Manager Europe, representing the Thales company, cooperation with WZE entails major investments in Poland.

So what is important for us in this agreement is that around this agreement with WZE, we recognize that Poland will need a certain radar, the GM 200, for their programme in the future. In Poland there are many programmes at the moment, for the air defence in particular, and we both believe that the GM 200 can be a good brick into those programmes.

Philippe Chopin, Defense Sales Manager Europe, Thales

The French entity is willing to make use of the WZE’s capabilities and hopes the Polish manufacturer to utilize the transfer of technology. The French also note that GM200 system offered by them may also be used by the Polish Forces, in combination with other radars operated by the Army, “which would provide alternate system balance and make the system more resilient” GM 200 system is offered to the Polish Armed in relation to the air/missile defence programmes, also within the framework of the Narew SHORAD system programme.