Tarnów to Deliver Spare Parts for Mortars and AAA Systems Used by the Polish Armed Forces

Image Credit: Polish Ministry of Defence
Image Credit: Polish Ministry of Defence

ZM Tarnów company has concluded a contract with the Polish Armed Forces, related to acquisition of spares for the 60 mm LM-60 mortar and the ZU-23-2 and ZU-23-2 R anti aircraft artillery systems. 

As an announcement published by the 4th Regional Logistics Base in the Official Journal of the EU reads, the total final value of the contract is as high as almost 4.5 million zlotys, and it was awarded to the Tarnów-based facility due to the lowest price applicable to the offer placed.

The order consists of three components. First one assumes that spare parts would be delivered for the 60 mm LM-60 mortars (total, ultimate value exceeds PLN 1.414 million).

ZM Tarnów has 60 mm light mortars in its offer, including the D Pluton (long range) and K Komando variants. The latter variety is being operated by a single soldier, and it offers a range of up to 1300 meters. The long range variant, on the other hand, requires a three-man crew to lay down fire. It is said to have a range of 2300 meters. Both versions may be carried by a single soldier, with the use of a special frame-carrier. Currently, a procurement procedure is ongoing, concerning more than 600 examples of the LM-60D mortars. The said weaponry is also expected to be acquired for the Territorial Defence units. This type of equipment has already been included in the inventory of the Polish Armed Forces.

The second portion of the agreement covers the supply of spare parts for the ZU-23-2 cannon-based AAA systems. In case of this section, the final value exceeds PLN 2.998 million. Last, but not least, ZM Tarnów will also deliver spares for the ZU-23-2 R AAA systems – for an amount of PLN 20.578 thousand. Only a single contractor, the ZM Tarnów facility, has expressed his interest in performing the work related to the order.