Bomb Disposal Robots Received by the Police

Image Credit: PIAP
Image Credit: PIAP

In late October, Łukasiewicz – PIAP has finalized the delivery of five large bomb disposal robots for the Polish Police. The contract pertained to the PIAP IBIS mobile robot. The new UGVs are the latest generation of the intervention-inspection INSPECTOR robots manufactured by the Warsaw-based institute - they have been operated by the Police for 20 years now.

PIAP IBIS robots have been delivered with extras dedicated to be used by bomb disposal teams. This makes it possible to utilize pyrotechnic disrupters, portable X-ray systems, or shotguns. The EOD technician may also use the robot's tool bank, including a glass breaker, wire cutters or a knife for puncturing the tyres. Should radio interference be present in the operational environment, an automatic drum with fibre optical wire would facilitate operations of the robot.

IBIS is a bomb disposal/reconnaissance robotic platform. It is a fast UGV that is capable of moving at speeds of 10 kph. As the manufacturer emphasizes, thanks to the six-wheeled mobile platform with an independent drive for each wheel, the robot exhibits good offroad capabilities. The platform weighs more than 300 kilograms.

The extending manipulator arm is guaranteeing reach within a 3-meter radius, with significant freedom of movement in all planes. The manipulator arm can be used to pick up and carry loads weighing more than 50 kilograms.

Once fitted with additional devices, the robot may also be used to neutralize hazardous packages, carry out chemical reconnaissance and rescue operations. The external dimensions of the robot (despite it being the largest of the offered systems of this kind) make it possible to carry it in a special-purpose vehicle operated by the bomb disposal units.

PIAP IBIS robots join the PIAP GRYF medium robots in the inventory of the Polish Police. The latter, weighing 38 kilograms, have been delivered back in 2019.


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  1. codybancks

    Tak na marginesie , te roboty mogły mieć pomalowane te śrubki na ten sam kolor lub całe na granatowo , dla Polskiej Policji !!

    1. wiarus

      cody - idź się leczyć, tylko poszukaj dobrego specjalisty! :)