Modrzewski: We’re planning to establish the whole new R&D Department of ours in Cracow [Defence24 TV]

“Development of the ICEYE company, actually, ICEYE’s development in Poland, is related, in fact, to the main development trend the company pursues. We’re planning to establish the whole new R&D Department of ours in Cracow. In fact, the main factor related to development of our company in Poland is the HR access. - said Rafał Modrzewski, ICEYE’s CEO, in an interview for

ICEYE’s plan concerning the launch of the constellation is to own a constellation of at least 6 satellites, until the end of 2019. So, next year, we should be owning the largest constellation of SAR satellites there is. Until the end of 2020 we are planning to launch more satellites, so that the whole constellation of 18 satellites is active until late 2020.

Rafał Modrzewski, ICEYE CEO

When it comes to the company as a whole, we actually had a couple of milestones as such. The first one was to have built the hardware and placing it in the orbit, so - acquiring know-how, when it comes to building of satellites. So, when it comes to another milestone, this is seen in acquiring the skill of automated analysis of imagery as such. In fact: automatic detection of a variety of objects or detection of a variety of trends on the images with the use of state of art algorithms.

Rafał Modrzewski, ICEYE CEO