Polish Special Purpose Firefighting Vehicles For Estonia

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    Ilustracja: NASA /

WISS company has signed a contract with the representatives of the Estonian Fire Department and the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The value of the aforesaid agreement is defined as EUR 22 million. The agreement covers a procurement process related to 86 examples of the special-purpose firefighting vehicles. 

The initial examples of the new fire engines are going to be received by Estonia during this year’s summer. Should Tallinn accept the vehicles provided by the Polish company, production process and deliveries of the remaining trucks mentioned by the contract is expected to be continued.

The deliveries are going to be realized in several lots, during the year 2017. After the procurement process is finalized, the firefighters are going to be trained to use the vehicles by a qualified team of engineers and training specialists.

Mariusz Rosa, President of the WISS company

The Agreement with the WISS company (Wawrzaszek Inżynieria Samochodów Specjalnych – Wawrzaszek Special Purpose Vehicles Engineering) regulates the production process of three types of vehicles. First vehicle is a heavy fire-fighting and rescue platform, based on the Scania P400 4x4 chassis. The vehicle in question is going to be equipped with rescue and fire-fighting equipment, including hydraulic and rescue tools, saw-set, mobile CAFs fire-extinguishing equipment, motorized pump, fire hoses or ladders. Within the scope of the Agreement, the Estonians will ultimately acquire 46 such vehicles.

The contract also covers procurement of 26 heavy rescue-fire-fighting vehicles based on the Scania P310 chassis, tailored to transport major quantities of water. The vehicle is fitted with a 9 thousand litres tank and a pump, with output capacity of 3 thousand litres per minute.  

The third part of the procurement covers production and deliveries of 14 WISS-manufactured composite containers for the fire-fighting equipment. The composite material is expected to be corrosion-proof and seawater-resistant. 

The contract, involving the Estonian Fire Department, is third largest foreign order, received by a Polish company. At the moment, WISS is in the process of performing works pertaining to the agreements signed with, inter alia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania or Germany. Total value of the contract exceeds the amount of EUR 127 million.