Teldat to Deliver Some Elements of the Patriot System. Raytheon Places an Order

Image Credit: Teldat
Image Credit: Teldat

Polish Teldat company has concluded yet another contract with Raytheon, concerning the prospective procurement of ICT components that are to be contained within the Patriot air defence system. The products manufactured are being proposed to the users of the said solution, on the basis of an agreement signed back in 2014. 

The first contract related to development of new mobile military ICT solutions designed to meet the requirements of the modernized Patriot air/missile defence system, was concluded back in September 2014. Before the said agreement came to a conclusion, Teldat company was audited, both by entities based in the US, as well as by the Polish bodies. In the US laboratories, a number of tests involving Teldat’s products (JASMINE system devices), including the ones concerning the ICT System’s security, took place.

Henryk Kruszynski, PhD Eng., Teldat’s President of the Management Board, stressed the fact that the solutions applied are derived from the “JASMINE Suite systems”. The individual elements of the JASMINE suite are already being operated by the Polish Armed Forces. HMS JASMINE battlefield management suite is a good example of thatit is used to manage the battlefield at the level of brigade, division and corps, also including the ICT nodes. President Kruszyński also stressed that components of the JASMINE solution are easy to be integrated with the Patriot system.

Development and manufacturing of important military-grade ICT components for the Patriot system constitutes a proof of appreciation for (...) our technological and functional solutions, mainly derived from the JASMINE Suite systems, the individual modules of which (a large portion of those modules is already being operated in the Polish Army, e.g. in a form of HMS JASMINE suite for battle management at division, brigade and corps level, along with WTI) may be quickly and easily integrated and implemented within the Patriot system.

Henryk Kruszynski, PhD Eng., Teldat’s President of the Management Board

On the basis of an order placed back in 2014, Teldat’s engineers designed and carried out qualification tests for the components that have been then included in the communications suite for the latest variant of the Patriot system. The series manufacturing of the hardware began at the end of the design-development stage, which happened in the late 2015. The systems manufactured are compliant with the corresponding US defence sector and NATO standards.

Following the delivery of two lots related to the solutions above, Raytheon has placed another order with Teldat, to acquire yet another, third lot of hardware which is to be delivered to the users of the Patriot system.

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Collaboration seen between Teldat and Raytheon includes network, software and Internet Protocol hardware solutions, military-grade communications hardware, software for command and control systems, systems integration, as well as IV&V tests.