Ukraine Receives All of Its Modernized T-72 Main Battle Tanks

Photo: Ukroboronprom
Photo: Ukroboronprom

According to Ukroboronprom, the Kyiv Armored Plant, which belongs to the Group, has just handed off the last batch of six modernized T-72AMT main battle tanks that have been received by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In total, the agreement concluded by and between the Ukrainian MoD and the company covered modernization of 31 main battle tanks (a full battalion). So far, 25 examples have been handed off, in lots of 15 and 10 vehicles in January this year. This happened in line with the adopted schedule. According to Volodomir Sinavsky, manager at the Kyiv plant, the modernization is based on the experience gathered during the Donbas conflict, when it comes to the T-72 design.

Modernized T-72AMT main battle tanks are to be received by one of the battalions of the armoured and mechanized brigades belonging to the Ukrainian Army Reserve Corps. The modernized T-72AMT was rolled out for the first time back in 2017. The upgrades are to comprehensively enhance combat capabilities and performance of the vehicle so that it would meet the requirements associated with modern warfare.

The firepower has been increased thanks to the integration of a gun that can be used with Kombat ATGMs as well. Furthermore, a remotely controlled .50-cal. machine gun turret has been placed on top of the main turret. “Nozh” ERA has been installed on the front and the side armour of the turret and the hull, along with slat armour at the back. The powerpack has been replaced with a W-84-1 engine producing power output of 840 HP. The tank also features an APU now and it has also been fitted with new tracks, coming from the T-80 platform. To enhance the situational awareness the observation systems have been replaced - the TKN-3UM system is now available to the commander and TNK-72 or TWN-4BUP systems are available to the driver. The communications suite now consists of the Aselsan and Lybid systems.