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Ukraine will Increase the Number of Soldiers Remaining in the Active Service – Up to 250 Thousand

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Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, has submitted a bill to the Werkhovna Rada, aim of which is to increase the number of the Ukrainian soldiers being in active service.

On Monday, 2nd March, the Ukrainian parliament officially registered the bill no. 2269. Its introduction states: “in the light of that peculiar period, considering the threat for the national security of Ukraine in the sphere of war, whereas the threat itself has a long-term profile, two operational command units, eleven brigades, four regiments, eighteen battalions, sixteen companies and thirty platoons are to be formed within the structure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces”.

In order to realize the tasks related to deployment of the forces on-time, it has been assumed that number of the soldiers remaining in active service shall be kept at the level of 250 thousand people. According to the latest Ukrainian bill, this very number is to be variable, depending on intensity of the warfare, political situation, undertaken decisions and methods implemented to realize the mobilisation process. Due to that reason, number of the soldiers serving in the Ukrainian Army is to be increased “with the number of people who received a call for duty within the scope of the latest mobilization. Provisions of the act claim that number of personnel employed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces shall not exceed 250 thousand people, including 204 thousand soldiers.” Number of the troops will be increased throughout the implementation process, regarding the subsequent stages of mobilization.

Plans related to the increase of the number of the Ukrainian soldiers (from 68 thousand up to 250 thousand soldiers) were also revealed by the Ukrainian PM, Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Ukrainian president states that the Ukrainian Army is recovering, thanks to the massive effort.