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Ukrainian Air Force Receives Four Modified MiG-29 Airframes

Ukrainian Air Force has received four overhauled MiG-29 airframes, along with two L-39 jet-trainers. All four aircraft have been delivered to the 114th Tactical Aviation Brigade, stationed in Ivano-Frankivsk. 

According to the Ukrainian media, the base of the 114th Tactical Aviation Brigade in Ivano-Frankiwsk has received six combat aircraft which underwent general overhauls and some modernization works at the state-owned facilities. Here we are referring to four MiG-29 front-line fighters and two L-39C jet-trainers.

Besides the new paint schemes and lifetime-extending overhauls, the jets also underwent works, the aim of which was to modify the avionics and armament, within the scope expanding the effectiveness of the aforesaid systems. This is especially applicable in case of the air-to-ground attack capabilities involving the unguided rockets and guns. When it comes to the avionics, the changes pertaining to the MiG-29 fighter aircraft covered, above all, the modern flight recorders and navigation systems, including the GPS navigation. Moreover, transponders and communication suites have been replaced with their ICAO standards-compliant counterparts.

The works were being executed by the Ukrainian state facilities belonging to the Ukroboronprom company, including the Odessa Aviation Facility, Chuguev-based CARZ company, or by the Kharkiv-based FED company.