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Ukrainian Military Instructors Will Be Trained in Poland

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    Fot. National Space Facilities Control and Test Center (NSFCTC)

30 Ukrainian Army instructors are currently involved in a training programme organized in Poland - as it has been announced by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces. The training is being realized within the framework of the DEEP-Ukraine programme, organized by the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Poland is the host nation for the aforementioned training programme, which is scheduled to happen between 5th October and 6th November. Within the said training initiative, 30 military instructors coming from the Ukrainian Army who, on a daily basis, are working at the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence Training Centres, are going to get acquainted with the rules related to planning and realization of the NATO Non-Commissioned Officers training programmes. The Ukrainian instructors are also going to get to know the way, in which the documentation related to such training programmes is being maintained. The training is being organized at the Non-commissioned Officers School of the Polish Land Forces and at the Land Forces Training Centre in Poznan. The relevant funding is provided by NATO and by the Polish Ministry of Defence.

DEEP (Defence Education Enhancement Program) is a NATO-driven programme, the aim of which is to support the NATO partner-nations. The initiative has been now active since October 2013. The said programme is divided into sub-programmes, each of which is assigned to the individual partner nation. In case of the Ukrainian sub-programme, Poland acts as the leading nation, along with involvement of the representatives of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, all of whom support the initiative. The aim of the DEEP programme is to transform and tailor the military schooling system in the Partner nations, so that it is compliant with the relevant NATO standards.

The training for the Ukrainian instructors were expected, as they had been announced by the Minister of Defence, Deputy Prime Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.