US Armoured Vehicles On The Polish Roads Again. Operation Dragoon Ride II Precedes The Anakonda Exercise

19 kwietnia 2016, 16:52

The US soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment will yet again make an appearance on the Polish Roads. Within the scope of the Dragoon Ride II operation they will move from the German Rose Barracks base, and get relocated to Poland and Estonia, in order to participate in international exercises.

Dragoon Ride II operation is scheduled to start on 27th May, when the elements of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are going to leave the location at which they are permanently stationedVilseck, close to Nuremberg. Within the scope of the exercise, the soldiers will be trained in quick deployment with the use of the existing road networks. According to the information available publicly, the US troops will cover 2400 kilometres, going through territories of six countries. Dragoon Ride II operation is planned to come to an end on 15th June, when the elements involved reach the Tapa Base, in Estonia.

During the 17 days long trip, stopovers will be made in every country where the soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are expected to be involved in a series of exercises. In Germany, in the area of Weiden in der Oberpfalz, river-crossing training is planned. In Poland, in the Thorn (Toruń) area, the Americans, along with the Polish Army, will get involved in the multinational Anakonda exercise. In Estonia, the soldiers will participate in the Saber Strike operation. Joint exercises were also planned in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia.

The US Army has not yet disclosed any information pertaining to the specific number of soldiers or vehicles which are going to be involved in the operation. However, we do know that Stryker IFV armoured platforms, HMMWV vehicles and trucks are expected to take part in the exercise.

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The march of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment is being organized for the second time now. Last year, at the end of March, the US forces involved in the rotational activities connected to Operation Atlantic Resolve, were returning to their permanent base in Germany, with the use of the public roads network. Then, in total, nine columns using 90 Stryker carriers and support vehicles were participating in the training.
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