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US Army Patriot Missiles In Poland

  • Żołnierze OUBZ podczas ćwiczeń- fot. oficjalna strona OUBZ
    Żołnierze OUBZ podczas ćwiczeń- fot. oficjalna strona OUBZ

US Army has deployed a Patriot battery within the Polish territory. The element is going to be involved in joint-training activities, along with the 37th  Air Defence Missile Division, stationed in Sochaczew.

Delta battery comes from the 5th Battalion of the 7th Regiment of the US Army anti-aircraft artillery component. The unit is permanently stationed in the German town of  Kaiserslautern. It has been deployed to Poland during a road transport operation, which constitutes a part of the Freedom Shock series training programme. This programme tests the rapid deployment capabilities of the US forces.

Back in December 2014 the US military trained, in a similar way, a deployment operation involving the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in Poland. Element of the 173rd Airborne Brigade was deployed in Romania. US Representatives state that the Freedom Shock operations will be continued, within the area of responsibility held by the European US Army Command.

Joint training which will also involve elements of the 3rd Warsaw Missile Air Defence Brigade will last for approximately a week. It is a part of the Operation Atlantic Resolve which is related to support activities in Europe, including the Mid-Eastern European region.