US Army Visits The Polish Town of Tarnów

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Soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army have visited the city of Tarnów. The forces are on the move, within the framework of the “Dragoon Ride II” operation.The meeting with the citizens is also attended by the Polish soldiers of the 21st Highland Brigade.

Starting from 27th May, within the framework of the “Sabre Strike-16” operation, organized in conjunction with the Anakonda-16 exercise, forces of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army are on the move through Poland. The US units are divided into two separate groups. Part of one of the groups, the march of which involves ca. 600 troops and almost 200 vehicles, made a stop at the Tarnów main square on 31st May. According to Cpt. Konrad Radzik, before the US vehicles entered the square, they made a stop in one of the streets close to the Tomb of an Unknown Soldier, where leader of the column, Lt. Col. Deric Hollbrock, together with President of Tarnów, Roman Ciepiela, US Consul General, Walter Braunohler, and commander of the 1st Battalion of Highland Infantry, Lt. Col. Rafał Iwanek, laid flowers, paying a tribute to the Polish soldiers who were killed in action.

Then the column entered the main square, where it was welcomed by the citizens and by the troops of the 21st Highland Brigade. The Americans have showcased their Stryker vehicles, with a variety of equipment, along with the light Humvee vehicles and M777 howitzers. Moreover, Polish Highland Infantry, represented by the soldiers of the 1st Highland Battalion from Rzeszów, presented a sniper unit, a fully equipped mechanized team, climbing gear, reconnaissance and medical vehicles, along with a Rosomak APC.

Our actions here, undertaken within the framework of the Anakonda operation, create a feeling of security, deter the enemy and reinforce our alliance. Thank you for your hospitality.

Lt. Col. Deric Holbrook

Sabre Strike-16 operation, organized in conjunction with the Anakonda exercise, includes deployment of the US forces to the Baltic States and execution of operations within their territories. Dragoon Ride II operation began on 27th May, when the Americans left the Vilseck base, close to Nurnberg. During the trip, covering a route with a length of 2400 kilometres, through Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, the soldiers will be involved in multinational exercises. Dragoon Ride II exercise is expected to end on 15th June, when the Cavalrymen are to reach the Tapa base in Estonia. 

The march of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment is being organized for the second time now. Last year, at the end of March, the US forces involved in the rotational activities connected to Operation Atlantic Resolve, were returning to their permanent base in Germany, with the use of the public roads network. Then, in total, nine columns using 90 Stryker carriers and support vehicles were participating in the training.