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US Patriot Missiles in Romania

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5th Battalion of the US 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment has been deployed to Romania, which happened as a part of the Patriot Shock exercise. The goal of the operation is to verify the missile defence synchronization procedures.

On 26th October, US soldiers of the 5th Battalion of the 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment stationed in Germany, have been appointed to carry out the Patriot Shock exercise. 100 US soldiers were transported along with the Delta Patriot system battery to Romania, via the railway network. The unit will be tasked with heightening the level of interoperability of the Romanian soldiers, during the upcoming exercise which is to involve the NATO air defence component.  

The main goal of the Patriot Shock operation is to verify the options of rapid deployment (less than 72 hours) of the Patriot missiles from Germany to Romania, and quick establishment of combat capability and readiness on location. Next, the battery, located close to Capu Midia, will be involved in an international air defence systems exercise, which is to last until 10th November. 

5-7th ADA US Army units using the Patriot missiles will also be involved in rotational exercises in Poland, in the period between 2010 and 2012, and at the beginning of this year.