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US Rocket Artillery Involved in the Anakonda-16 Exercise. Presence in The Baltic States. 10 Thousand Soldiers Involved in the Saber Strike Exercise

Image Credit: Sgt. 1st Class Robert Jordan/NC National Guard
Image Credit: Sgt. 1st Class Robert Jordan/NC National Guard

US Army artillery units are involved in the Anakonda and Saber Strike operations within the territory of Poland. The equipment involved includes the M109 self-propelled and M777 towed howitzers, as well as the HIMARS rocket launchers. Around 10 thousand troops are engaged in the operational activities related to the exercise taking place within the territory of the Baltic States.

According to the information published by the Polish Army’s Operational Command, artillery training within the framework of the Anakonda-16 operation took place yesterday. It involved both the units of the Polish Army, as well as the allied component, including the US forces.

The exercise, besides the self-propelled M109A6 Paladin howitzers, constituting the organic equipment of an armoured brigade, also involves some elements using the HIMARS rocket artillery system. Within the framework of Anakonda, possibility of carrying out a joint fire mission is going to be verified (with simultaneous strike executed by several types of artillery). The Polish units are using, inter alia, the WR-40 Langusta launchers.

The Americans have deployed a unit of the 5th Battalion or the 113rd Field Artillery Regiment of the US Army’s National Guard, stationed in North Carolina. The exercise also involves the reserve component of the US Army units, including the elements utilizing the Avenger VSHORAD systems.

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On the other hand, another phase of the Saber Strike exercise, taking place in three Baltic states, just began in Estonia. A motorized company utilizing the Rosomak APCs is representing the Polish Army, during the course of that operation. The unit is involved in the training activities which take place in Latvia. There, a training involving the US Army artillery units is also going to take place, with participation of both the elements using the M777 howitzers, as well as of those which utilize the HIMARS system.

The operation will also involve the B-52 bombers or elements of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army and the of the reconnaissance element of the 12th Armoured Brigade of the Bundeswehr, all of which were going through Poland within the framework of the Dragoon Ride operation. Besides the above listed states, Saber Strike operation also involves assets deployed by Norway, the UK, Slovenia, Denmark and Finland.

HIMARS system is also offered to Poland within the framework of the Homar rocket artillery system programme.