Visegrad Group 3D radar? Poland is still in the game

  • Fot. ADRDE
    Fot. ADRDE

The Polish Ministry of Defence has denied the rumours about Poland’s withdrawal from the programme, which aims at creating a common 3D radar for the Visegrad Group.

The spokesperson of the Polish Ministry of Defence, Jacek Sońta, stated that Poland is still a participant of the V4 Group projects, including the mobile radar station. MoD denied the Financial Times reports, according to which Poland was to withdraw from the MADR (Mobile Air Defence Radar) initiative, which aims at developing a shared radar station.

Jacek Sońta also stated that a memorandum of understanding in between the companies from the defence sector based in the Visegrad group member states is planned to be signed. This document will be related to the development works on the new radar. According to the available information, such radar will replace P-37 radars, which are used by Czech, Slovak and Hungarian armed forces.

Earlier it was said that Poland probably will not take part in the programme due to the mobility requirements related to the new radar system. On the other hand, acquisition of the Polish radars is considered by the Czech Republic, and this may have an impact on extending the scope of cooperation between the Visegrad Group member states.