WB Group: We want to manufacture UAV systems of all classes

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Our goal is to create a whole family of UAV systems, Polish UAV systems, from the “bottom” the “top” class - as we were told by Training and Operation Director at the Flytronic Company, Dawid Bielecki.The company which is a part of the WB Group presented, during this year’s edition of the MSPO Defence Exhibition, the Łoś short range tactical UAV.

According to Bielecki, Łoś is an alternative solution which is to replace the FlySAR system which had been developed earlier and which needs a concrete runway for taking off. The system presented during the MSPO Salon in Kielce takes off from a ramp, its maximum range is defined as 180 kilometres, and it has a flight endurance of 18 hours. As it was stressed by Bielecki, landing is also possible without any runway available.

Łoś system has been fitted with an in-built observation camera. It is also capable of carrying armament. The available payload options are adjustable, according to the client’s requirements.

Bielecki stressed the fact that WB Group is willing to create a whole family of UAV systems, from the “bottom” to the “top” class. He recalled the fact that not only are the manufacturers gathered within the group offering the mini-class systems, as medium or long range solutions are also available within the offer. The Polish company assumes that it will have a chance to offer a whole range of drones of all of the aforesaid classes in the future.

WB Group was also represented by the Radmor company during the MSPO event, showcasing three radios, under the designations of H07, H08 and H09. As we were told by the Marketing and Sales Manager of the Radmor company, Zbigniew Furman, the aforesaid radios differ in the applied software and functions.

H07 version is an export variant, utilizing a waveform created by a South African partner. The remaining two proposals have been developed by Radmor in their entirety. The H08 radio features an option of switching the frequency up to 300 times per second. 

On the other hand H09 variant is primarily dedicated to be used by the Territorial Defence units. The solutions contained within the said system make it possible to create a network of radios which is capable of self-organizing and coordinating the data transfer (including the position data) between the individual radios. Moreover, the system also provides a capacity of implementing the Internet Protocol.