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What next for MEADS in Germany? The Bundestag calls for development funding

The defense standing committee of the German parliament has moved in favor of taking decisions this year for funding the new generation air defense system, in order to utilize the results of development work conducted during the MEADS program - the German media have reported.

As the Schrobenhausener Zeitung reports, the deputies from the ruling coalition parties CDU and SPD have urged to secure the financing that is essential in order to utilize the results of development work on the MEADS program for the Bundeswehr. In the Germany's federal budget there are funds earmarked for the new air defense system, in the amount of 850 mln euros, but they remain frozen until a decision on a selected mode of its implementation is taken.

Members of the German parliament indicate that development works on the MEADS system are phasing out at the turn of 2014-2015, which makes it necessary to take "a relevant decision" within this year, with a premise of  utilisation the MEADS development work results in the perspective tactical air defense system for Germany (TLVS). They also underlined the need of equipping the TLVS system with the IRIS/T-SL missiles, to which the MEADS was also meant to be adapted.

The tactical air defense system for the Bundeswehr was subject to an audit ordered by the German federal defense ministry. In result of it caution was recommended in taking decisions. Schrobenhausener Zeitung says that holding the selection of the implementation mode for the program may result in shutting the MEADS project due to lack of funding.

Germany are member of the MEADS development project along with Italy and the United States. The work is conducted under the management of MBDA Germany. Currently in the Federal Republic preparations are being made for launching a program for tactical air defense system, which should replace the currently used Patriot systems. Under consideration is a purchase of new air and missile defense systems or a Patriot modernization, possible to use MEADS system components.

The MEADS International consortium has taken part in the technical dialogue regarding the Wisła mid-range air defense system for the Polish armed forces. It has not been selected however to the next phase of the proceedings.