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Will Bundeswehr Acquire the MEADS System? Offer Has Been Submitted.

  • Urszula Szulewicz, fot. Hertz Systems
    Urszula Szulewicz, fot. Hertz Systems

MBDA Deutschland company released information, according to which an offer has been submitted, in the TLVS programme. The objective of that programme is to create the prospective air defence system for the German Army. MEADS air/missile defence system constitutes the core of the proposal.

The offer, concerning the prospective air defence system for the Bundeshwehr has been submitted to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAINBw) on 28th September. The proposal assumes that MEADS air/missile defence system is going to be used within the new air defence solution, alongside the IRIS-T SL SHORAD system, allowing the user to act against most of the targets within the spectrum of the potential threats, without a need to use the PAC-3 missiles.

Thomas Gottschild, MBDA Deutschland Managing Director, stressed the fact that the request issued by the German government in February is the foundation of the submitted offer. Gottschild noted that it is expected that a contract would be presented for acceptance by the German parliament, after preparations and negotiation procedure are executed.

Initial assumptions have been made, that the value of the contract, the goal of which is to acquire the new German air defence system, is going to be contained in an amount of around EUR 4 billion. According to the assumptions that had been previously disclosed by the German MoD, the prospective system is going to replace the PAC-3 Patriot batteries before 2025.

MEADS system is using the PAC-3 MSE missile as the main effector. TLVS air defence system, based on the aforesaid building block, is going to be a solution of open architecture, capable of acting against threats within the scope of 360 degrees. MEADS is also offered in Poland, as a part of the Wisła programme. During the Kielce MSPO defence industry exhibition, a letter of intent has been signed, with the PGZ umbrella company, referring to cooperation concerning the missile-based air defence system offered for the Polish Armed Forces.