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12 Companies Willing to Participate in the Polish Pegaz Vehicle Acquisition.

M-ATV platform, identical to the ones currently operated by the Polish Special Operations Component. Image Credit: U.S. Army
M-ATV platform, identical to the ones currently operated by the Polish Special Operations Component. Image Credit: U.S. Army

The Armament Inspectorate has publicized the list of companies that submitted their requests in the procurement procedure pertaining to the multi-purpose Special Operations Forces vehicle.

The military is willing to procure 15 vehicles with further optional acquisition of another 90 examples, 105 vehicles in total. The quantity is exactly the same as the one defined for the first stage of procurement back in 2016. Another 175 vehicles were to be received by the Polish Military Police. Then it was assumed that the quantity of all vehicles would go up from 280 to several hundred examples.

According to the current assumptions, Pegaz vehicles are to have features as follows:

  • Fighting capabilities allowing for deployment of task groups in the area of operations;
  • Fire support capabilities making it possible to act against the emerging threats with the use of possessed weapons;
  • High mobility;
  • Crew protection against the enemy weapons, including mines and IEDs;
  • Multi-purpose capacity, having enemy detection assets as well as protection and warning systems;
  • Command support capability making it possible to establish communications, both along the chain of command, as well as with the naval and aerial support assets;
  • Transport features that would define the vehicle as a wheeled personnel and equipment transport platform.

The procurement procedure is going to involve entities as follows:

  • AMZ Kutno S.A.;
  • ZETOR Engineering Slovakia a.s.;
  • Iveco Defence Vehicles S.p.a.;
  • Rosomak S.A., jointly with OSHKOSH DEFENSE. LLC.;
  • GRIFFIN GROUP S.A. Defence sp.k.;
  • General Dynamics European Land Systems-Mowag GmbH.;
  • Consortium: Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. (leader) and TATRA EXPORT s.r.o.;
  • URO Vehiculos Especiales S.A.;
  • Cegielski-Poznań S.A., jointly with ARQUUS;
  • Siltec Sp. z o.o.;
  • Thales Polska sp. z o.o.;
  • OTOKAR Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.S.

Final offer placing deadline was set on 8th October. What’s interesting, originally, the deadline had been set on 5th July and postponed three times, to 30th August, 30th September, and finally, the October date. So far, no official information has been published when it comes to the date on which the competition is to be finalized which is to result in contract conclusion.

We only know that the deliveries shall be finalized within 24 months from the date of contract signature.