Ammunition, grenades and electric shock weapons for the Polish Internal Security Agency

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The aim of the procurement programme announced by the Polish Internal Security Agency is to acquire ammunition, grenades and stun guns. The request placing deadline is defined as 13th May 2016.

Internal Security Agency, within the framework of a single tender, announced a public procurement, the goal of which is to acquire ammunition, grenades and electric-shock weaponry. The procurement is divided into seven separate parts, it is possible that these parts may be realized in an independent manner.

The first part concerns the 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition with a Total Full Metal Jacket bullet. The agency is willing to acquire 520,000 rounds of such ammunition. The second part of procurement is related to 17 thousand rounds of 5.56x45 mm NATO (.223 Win.) ammunition, with the SS109 or equivalent bullets. Third part is related to 10 thousand rounds of 5.56x45 mm NATO (.223 Win.) ammunition, with non-ricocheting bullets, for the G36 carbines.

Fourth order is related to purchase of 100 NICO, or equivalent, flash-bang grenades. According to the detailed data related to the procurement, the grenade is required to be waterproof, it should also feature a non-fragmenting structure. The grenade shall generate a sound with intensity of 170 dB, within a radius of 2 meters, with minimum amount of smoke.

5th and 6th part of the acquisition are focused on purchases of the 40x46 mm grenade launcher flash-bang projectiles and 40x46 mm smoke grenade rounds, with NT/15-P or equivalent grenade. 100 examples of each type of the grenade launcher ammunition are expected to be acquired. Flashbang type round should produce a sound with 150 dB of intensity, and it should also be possible to fire the said projectile at distances of at least 100 meters.

The last part of the procurement procedures concerns new generation stun guns with independently initiated cartridges, in a number of 15 examples, along with a relevant cartridge package.

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