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ANAKONDA 14 - the largest exercise of Polish army

  • Polski satelita naukowy "Lem", fot. CBK PAN
    Polski satelita naukowy "Lem", fot. CBK PAN

ANAKONDA-14 is the biggest Polish led joint exercise in the Military calendar conducted within an international partnership.

From 24th of September until 3th of October 2014 based on all types of Military Training Areas 12.5 thousand troops will practice, including 750 of the allied countries (Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Great Britain, United States).

The aim of the exercise will be to harmonize dedicated forces, to conduct defensive operations and to create the conditions for the receiving Allied Reinforcement Forces.
During the exercise, the non-military system cooperation within the framework of support of the Polish Armed Forces will be d and practiced.

For the past eight years Anakonda exercise has progressed from purely military activity through the exercise with the participation of the non-military system at the national, then regional assessment , to allied exercise with the active participation of NATO member countries.