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Stanisław Skalski – New Paint Scheme On One Of The Polish MiG-29 Fighters [Photo]

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Polish Air Force’s MiG-29UB fighter-trainer, stationed at the 22nd Air Base in Malbork, which had been undergoing general repairs at the WZL-2 Aviation Works facility, left Bydgoszcz and returned to its base of origin.Its tail features a painting presenting one of the Polish flying aces, Stanisław Skalski.The refurbished fighter is the first MiG fighter from Malbork that received the special colour scheme.  

Stanisław Skalski was one of the most famous Polish pilots fighting during the Second World War. Officially he shot down 18 and 11/12 enemy fighters, with 2 probable kills. Skalski was serving in the Torun-based 142nd Fighter Escadrille of the 4th Aviation Regiment, and then in the No. 306. (City of Torun) Polish Fighter Squadron, traditions of which are maintained and pursued by the Malbork 22nd Air Base. He also commanded the famous Polish Fighting Team unit, also known as the “Skalski’s Circus”.

The new paint scheme means that the Malbork Base became a part of the initiative, the aim of which is to present the Polish heroes of aviation on the MiG-29 fighters. This initiative was started by the Historical Polish Aviation Foundation cooperating with the 23rd Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki. The MiG-29 fighters from Minsk Mazowiecki feature the faces of the pilots from the Polish 7th Air Escadrille and from the No. 303 Kościuszko Polish Fighter Squadron. 

MiG-29 Fulcrum ‘4105’ is going to be presented publicly for the first time during the Radom Air Show 2015 event, between 22nd and 23rd August.