Air Force

We know, when Poland will receive first FA-50


The first two aircraft would be delivered by KAI in August. There's no clear timeline for the process through which they would be commissioned in the Polish Armed Forces.

The aircraft is also expected to be showcased during the biannual Radom Air Show event, planned for the same month. One may expect that one jet would be demoed in the air, while the other airframe would be presented in the static display.

The FA-50 jets have been procured on 16th September 2022, for USD 3 billion (gross amount of PLN 17.4 bn.). That sum was allocated to acquire 48 jets that are to be delivered between 2023 and 2028. The first 12 of those, for USD 705 million, would be delivered in mid-2023. The whole logistical package meanwhile, would be delivered by 2025. The first aircraft are going to be delivered in Block 10 configuration. They would be upgraded to the Polish FA-50PL standard later on. The emergence of these would facilitate pilot training and ground crew among the Polish cadre, before the aircraft in its final configuration arrives.

The first aircraft are going to be stationed at the 23rd Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki - it no longer hosts the MiG-29s, and now the base is undergoing works aimed at making it possible of being a home for the new jet.