Armed Forces

Armament Agency Seeking Training Anti-Tank Mines

Photo. Armament Inspectorate

The Armament Agency announced a procurement procedure concerning a training system for the SKMP/C guided anti-tank mines.

The order concerns the delivery of the training system for the SKMP/C guided anti-tank mines. 4 packages are to be received by 2023. The system is expected to meet the specification outlined by the Series Manufacturing Technical Documentation. These documents would be shared with the contractors invited to place their preliminary bids. The contract value exceeds EUR 428,000. There is no right of option involved in this procurement.

The SKMP/C training kit includes the following elements:

  • Directional camera set;
  • Camera module;
  • Camera module with a hub;
  • Control system for the training kit, with a support stand;
  • Hit indicator diode.

SKPM is used to create the engineering barriers that would be created in line with the smart battlefield concept. The system makes it possible to create a minefield using the KMP guided anti-tank mines and to monitor its readiness. KMP automatically detects targets and can engage at a distance of up to 80 meters. The KMP mines are used against MBTs, armoured vehicles, and trucks. SKMP/C can also be operated continuously, over up to 15 days. It can be used in field conditions, at night and during the day, and in varying weather conditions. It can also be operated in areas that have been contaminated.