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Defence24 DAY: New Helicopters for the Polish Air Cavalry

HH-101A Caesar, demonstration in Warsaw
Photo. Juliusz Sabak/Defence24

During the Defence24 DAY conference, the Air Force Inspector, brig. gen. Ireneusz Nowak announced that the procurement of 22 AW101 helicopters in a multi-role variant has been planned. The aircraft would be operated by units subordinated to the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, along with the newly procured AW149 combat support helicopters.

The multi-role AW101 platform will replace the Mi-8 and Mi-17 aircraft. Most probably they would be primarily tasked with the transport missions.

The land forces would be the second AW101 user in the Polish military. The Navy was the first to procure 4 AW101s in the ASW/CSAR variant. The aircraft would be delivered by 2023, with PZL Świdnik acting as the key contractor.