Armed Forces

Flares and Explosive Cartridges For The Polish Army. WZL-2 Facility Among the Contractors

WZL No. 2 [Military Aviation Works] Facility from Bydgoszcz was selected as the contractor in the tender, the aim of which was to acquire more than 15 thousand explosive cartridges for the emergency systems of the Polish Air Force aircraft. 30 thousand flares are going to be additionally delivered by the Megmar Logistics & Consulting Company. Total value of the order is contained within an amount of PLN 7 932 980.94.

The order covers the delivery of the following explosives:

  • 12 PT-8M-2 explosive cartridges used in the canopy jettisoning system utilized in the ejection procedure in the MiG-29UB aircraft;

  • 100 PDO-1 explosive cartridges used in the canopy jettisoning system in the MiG-29UB aircraft, and in the body of the mechanism which controls the canopy blind;

  • 10 20CF4D explosive cartridges used to conduct emergency cutting of the 76379-040 hoist cable, in case of the Mi-17-1V helicopters;

  • 15 200 PP-3 explosive cartridges utilized in the fire-protection system of the Polish aircraft, in order to open the valves of the fire extinguishers mounted on helicopters and airplanes;

  • 30 000 NT-26 flares for the aircraft countermeasure systems, acting as a countermeasure against the IR-guided missiles.

Procurement of all of the above explosive cartridges is going to be realized by the WZL No. 2 facility in Bydgoszcz, while the flares are going to be ordered from the Megmar Logistics & Consulting company. The was being carried out from January 2015. The offers were rated within the scope of the gross price and technical usability (15% of rating).