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Hundreds of Upgraded Rosomak Vehicles for the Polish Army [EXCLUSIVE]

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By the end of 2023, an agreement is to be signed on delivery of from 250 up to 400 Rosomak wheeled APCs. The Armed Forces would receive the new Rosomak Long variant, with a hull of extended length, has learned unofficially from its sources. found out about the aforesaid procurement off the record. The purchase would fill in the wheeled armored vehicles gaps in the Polish Armed Forces, both when it comes to the wheeled IFVs, as well the specialist varieties. The above order refers, reportedly to 250-400 vehicles. The procurement may potentially be divided into stages.

A majority of the vehicles will be fitted with the HSW/WB Electronics ZSSW-30 unmanned turret systems. The vehicles in the new variant named Rosomak-L (Rosomak Long) as well.

Photo. Rosomak S.A.

The newly developed Rosomak-L variant has a hull that is 60 cm longer than the existing Rosomak platform (base length of 7.8 m). This provides the vehicle with greater displacement in an amphibious setting so that it is possible to integrate a new ZSSW-30 turret on the platform, and yet, retain a proper reserve in the domain of amphibious capacity.

Rosomak z wieżą ZSSW-30, wyposażoną w głowice optoelektroniczne produkcji PCO.
Photo. HSW

Should the turret be installed on a standard Rosomak, despite the fact the vehicle passed the amphibious tests, the displacement reserve is modest. The Armament Agency is not requiring the first lot of standard Rosomak APCs with ZSSW-30 turrets to have amphibious capabilities. Let us recall, the integration of 70 existing (standard) Rosomak vehicles with the ZSSW-30 turret had been contracted in 2022 (PLN 1.7 bn.), while the first vehicles would be delivered this year.

Later on, the amphibious capability is to be retained for the Rosomak platform. Let us add that even though the framework agreement concerns 341 turrets in total, 70 of which have already been ordered, the requirement may grow, once the 1st Infantry Division is formed.

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The new APCs would either replace the obsolete BWP-1 platforms in some units, or they would be received by entirely new formations. These would be gradually improving the capabilities available to the Polish Armed Forces, as the ZSSW-30 turrets have been fitted with an advanced Fire Control System, and a 30 mm Bushmaster II gun capable of firing Airburst Munition, machine guns, and Spike LR ATGM launchers. A similar turret system is going to be integrated into the prospective Borsuk (Badger) IFV.

Photo. Rosomak S.A.

Rosomak Long is an R&D project undertaken by Rosomak S.A. The new vehicles will be fitted with a more powerful, Scania DC13 engine, with a power output of 610 HP. That, along with 30-40% larger fuel tanks will also translate into a range extension, despite the greater weight. The engine mentioned above has been used already in the Rosomak WPT ARV.

We do not know, for now, what extra solutions would be used to create the Rosomak L upgrade. The manufacturer did however declare a possibility of enhanced protection levels, and improvements in the ergonomics department, also for the driver. Rosomak APC is a license-manufactured, modified variant of the Patria AMV carrier, with the license extended in 2022 for Poland, by 2028.

Jakub Palowski contributed to this report.

A proposal for Rosomak APC upgrade
Photo. Rosomak S.A.