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Polish Army Acquires Firing Simulators For The Rosomak APC

The Armament Inspectorate announced its intention to carry out a technological dialogue pertaining the firing simulator for the Rosomak APC crews. The simulator procurement is going to be realized regarding the system in a platoon variant.

The aim of the procedure is to assess the capabilities offered by the new simulators, along with the requirements and conditions regarding the acquisition of the said simulators, and to asses the cost of acquisition, operational use and decommissioning procedures. Additionally, the dialogue is going to make it possible to define the time framework required to realize the aforesaid procedures.

The dialogue and the related negotiations are planned to be executed in November 2015, whereas the deadline for procurement may be prolonged, should the procedural goals be impossible to be met. In such case, a relevant notification is going to be provided to the participating subjects. The requests pertaining the will to participate in the technological dialogue are required to be submitted until 9th October 2015 in writing, in Polish.

When it comes to the tactical and technical requirements, the following areas are being pursued by the Armament Inspectorate: ability to train 4 crews of the Rosomak APC simultaneously; ability to train the commander and the gunner, on the basis of a combat module replicating the HITFIST-30P turret (the devices shall have a layout identical to the replicated turret); ability to train the driver, on the basis of a compartment replicating the driver’s seat. Ability to fire the armament in movement and at halt, aimed at moving and stationary targets, moving from the front, sideways and across, shall also be scrutinized.

The combat module is also going to make it possible to simulate the tactical and firing circumstances and tasks. The crew shall also be able to perfect the procedures related to the tasks executed with the use of the fire control system. The driver’s module is going to be used to train the battlefield awareness skills and driving skills, related to the Rosomak APC, both individually, as well as in the platoon-sized groups. Additionally, the learning process supervisor station should make it possible to provide communication and to visualize the elements of the military equipment, their status and the terrain characteristics.

The tactical and technical requirements also take into account the option of changing the parameters describing the firing tasks, throughout the firing procedure, via the instructor’s/operator’s station. Secondly, the status of the participants, the terrain profile or the weather should also be adjustable. Thirdly, there must be an option of eliminating the individual crews, once their vehicles are hit by a projectile, drive over a mine or an IED.

The announcement published by the Armament Inspectorate states that additionally After Action Review capability and HLA/DIS interface shall be implemented, which is quite important within the scope of integrating the newly acquired simulator with other systems used in the training process.

In the variant provided for the military units, the system would be composed out of 4 manned simulator stations, 1 station for the instructor/operator, 1 station for the training supervisor. In case of the variant provided for the training facilities, the simulator would include 4 manned simulator stations, 4 stations for the instructor/operator and 1 station for the training supervisor.