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Polish Army Improves The Armour Of The Rosomak APC

The Armament Inspectorate announced a tender, the aim of which is to procure 100 light protective slat armour kits for the Rosomak APCs. Additional slat armour protection, introduced for the first time in Afghanistan, protects the vehicle from the RPG-class anti-tank grenade launchers.

3rd Regional Logistics Base started a tender, the aim of which would be to acquire light protective cover system for the Polish Rosomak APC. The acquisition programme is going to include 100 kits for the combat vehicles fitted with the Hitfist-30 turret. QinetiQ nets, along with a proper frame, are going to be the basic element of the procured system. Interested parties are to submit their offers until 2nd October this year.

Using this type of additional armour in case of the Rosomak IFV realistically improves the survivability of the vehicle, should it be attacked with an RPG-class grenade launchers. The protection systems have been acquired earlier from the Rosomak S.A. company (also known as WZM) which deals with the manufacturing process related to the IFV.

Application of slat armour is relatively straightforward, particularly in the light of the fact that Poland already gathered some experience in using these systems in case of the Rosomaks deployed in Afghanistan, within the scope of the ISAF operations. The experience gathered in Afghanistan and Iraq led to raised popularity of the slat armour systems, not only in the US, but also in Poland.