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Polish Army Procures the ROSOMAK BMS Battlefield Management System. It is to be implemented in case of 4500 vehicles.

Photo by chor. R.Mniedło/11LDKPanc
Photo by chor. R.Mniedło/11LDKPanc

The Armament Inspectorate has begun a procedure, the aim of which is to grant a public procurement contract regarding the battalion-level battlefield management system, also known as the ROSOMAK BMS. The tender is to involve solely the Polish companies – as the Polish Ministry of Defence informs. Firstly, the combat components of the five mechanized battalions that utilize the Rosomak IFV/APC are going to be equipped with the system which – ultimately – may be installed on up to 4500 vehicles.

The procedure is to make it possible to select an IT system which would make the commanding and battlefield management processes easier. The devices are going – primarily – to be mounted, on the Rosomak APC’s which are being used by the Polish Army, as the Polish Ministry of Defence reports.

The procedure is being carried out outside the regulations of the public procurement law, due to the fact that Polish MoD is willing to protect the Polish basic national security interest. The “BP” (“NS”) mode makes it possible to order the products from the national subjects. According to the information released by the Polish MoD, the relevant agreement is going to be signed at the beginning of the next year.

As the information released by the Armament Inspectorate suggests, the procedure is realized as an open order, while the requests for potential participation may only be submitted by the Polish companies. The procedure assumes that acquisition and integration of the ROSOMAK BMS system is going to be completed within the combat units of the motorized infantry battalions, equipped with the Rosomak wheeled APC’s. The system is going to be used by the units operating at the tactical level, from teams to battalions (and equivalent levels), along with the supporting elements.

The order is to be realized in several stages. Assumptions adopted within the first phase suggest that one battalion-level module (15 APC’s with HITFIST 30 turret and one basic variant Rosomak vehicle, without any armament) is going to be equipped with the newly procured system. The second phase, after the test programme of the module at the battalion level, realized within the aforementioned stage, is successful, is to involve another 43 carriers with HITFIST 30 turrets and 1 in the basic, unarmed variant.

During the third stage, once positive results of the “complex” tests, that are going to be carried out in the second phase of acquisition, are achieved, 232 APC’s with HITFIST 30 turrets and 16 training vehicles with the HITFIST 30 turrets and 8 in the basic, unarmed variant, are all going to be fitted with the system. Then, a training laboratory is going to be organized. In this way, four mechanized infantry battalions are going to be using the ROSOMAK BMS system.

The system is going to be fitted in 306 HITFIST 30 turret APC’s (including 16 training vehicles) and 10 basic vehicles. Additionally, two containers are going to be used in order to create a training laboratory.

The Armament Inspectorate expects that the first stage would be realized within 14 months from the moment when the Agreement is concluded, during the first quarter of 2016. The second stage is going to be realized in 26, and the third stage – in 50 months, starting from the moment when the contract is concluded. It was stressed that the ROSOMAK S.A. company is the subject which is authorized to modify the ROSOMAK APC’s – as it possesses the proper technical documentation. The company’s HQ is located in Siemianowice Śląskie.

The Ordering Party requires all of the contractors to sign a letter of intent, together with the ROSOMAK S.A. company. Such letter would constitute a part of documentation required to qualify the subjects which are involved in the procedure. ROSOMAK S.A. company needs to be taken into account as a sub-contractor, within the order, the aim of which is to acquire a battlefield management system for the Polish APC’s.

The requests regarding participation in the procedure will be accepted until 10th August. The Armament Inspectorate stresses the fact that the offers would be assessed within the scope of the system lifetime costs (weight of 60%), compliance of the system with the initial tactical and technological requirements (weight of 25%), guarantee (weight of 10%) and execution deadline (weight of 5%).

The Inspectorate estimates that the BMS system is going to be fitted in case of ca. 4500 vehicles. Probably, the suite would also be fitted in case of the new generation IFV’s and other vehicles – probably the main battle tanks, fire-support vehicles and support systems, such as the artillery.