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Poprad SHORAD Systems Deliveries Finalized: This Is Just the Beginning of the Lifecycle

Poprad systems used by the 19th Mechanized Brigade
Poprad systems used by the 19th Mechanized Brigade
Photo. : Pvt. Daniel Brzozowski, 19th Mechanized Brigade

The Polish Armed Forces have just taken delivery of the last of the 79 procured Poprad VSHORAD systems. These are currently operated by the air defence regiments of the Polish land forces« divisions, and some brigades.

The last 9 Poprad systems were handed off to the 19th "Lubelska" Mechanized Brigade, one of a few brigades operating the said systems. Earlier on, the information had been released announcing the delivery of the said systems to the 15th "Giżycka" Mechanized Brigade, 17th "Wielkopolska" Mechanized Brigade, 20th Mechanized Brigade, and the 21st Highland Brigade. A brigade-level air defence squadron, by default, operated 9 Poprad systems.

Air defence regiments of all of the Polish divisions also operate Poprads. Not only did the units that are a part of fully formed divisions (11th "Lubuska" Armoured Cavalry Division, 12th "Szczecinska" Mechanized Division, 16th "Pomorska" Mechanized Division) receive the system, as Poprads have also been delivered to the newly formed 18th Air Defence Regiment of the 18th Mechanized Division. Major Przemysław Lipczynski, the spokesman for the 18th Mechanized Division, told us that the recently formed 18th Regiment currently operates three Poprad systems.

The agreement concerning the Poprad systems was signed in December 2015, by and between the Armament Inspectorate, and the PGZ Group's PIT-RADWAR company. The delivery discussed here finalizes the contract worth PLN 1.083 bn. The deliveries have been finalized in line with the original schedule.

The PGZ Group is expanding its portfolio in the domain of air defence systems. ThePoprad systems, handed off today, or the PSR-A Pilica systems being manufactured now are both an example of modular solutions, utilizing proven Grom MANPADS,popular on the foreign market, as well as the successors – the Piorun missile. NAREW programme is the next step on this path. It is to allow us to make a generational leapwhen it comes to missile technologies – bringing benefits for both the Polish military,as well as the economy
Sebastian Chwałek, President of PGZ S.A

Poprad is a mobile SAM system using Grom/Piorun MANPADS as the effector. Based on the 4x4 AMZ Żubr vehicle it features its own optoelectronics, IFF system and comms suite. These assets render the platform capable of conducting air defence operations autonomously, or within an IADS network. The maximum range when Piorun missile is used is defined as up to 6.5 kilometres, against targets flying at an altitude of 4 kilometres

The completion of deliveries of this modern equipment developed and manufactured by the Polish defence industry shows how effective cooperation between the military, and the industry is. The finalization of deliveries marks the beginning of the equipment's lifecycle in the Polish Armed Forces. The operational use of the system would make it possible to gain further experience and reach conclusions that would constitute a source of know-how for theArmament Agency, for further development of the product, hand-in-hand with the Polish industry
Col. Artur Kuptel PhD, head of the Armament Inspectorate

The previously released information that had been published by PIT-RADWAR suggests that the possible solutions include integration of a Polish non-kinetic counter-UAS solution -- Poprad was already showcased with a system developed by the Polish Advanced Protection Systems company. This would also entail the integration of a tracking radar. Further enhancements may include the integration of the newly developed Piorun 2 effectors, offering a range of 10-12 kilometres. It is also possible to make Poprad capable of engagements on the move or place the system on a different carrier platform. Brig. General Kazimierz Dyński, head of the Air/Missile Defence department, and deputy Inspector for the Branch at the General Command of the Armed Forces mentioned the operational experience associated with the Poprad systems, as well as the plans for the development of the air defence systems:

: Poprad mobile SAM system is a mobile anti-aircraftsystem of the lowest level of the Polish Armed Forces' air defence system. The solution inquestion received a warm welcome from the soldiers, who are satisfied with the functionality and user-friendliness of this product. The operational use of the Poprad system in the air defence regiments makes it possible to conclude further programming of development of this layer of our air defence
Brig. Gen. Kazimierz Dyński, head of the Air/Missile Defence Department