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Rosomak APC and ZSSW Turret - What are the Specifics?

Rosomak with the ZSSW turret
Rosomak with the ZSSW turret
Photo. HSW

PGZ Group announced that it can offer a number of different versions of the Rosomak APC to the Polish Armed Forces, both the basic variant, as well as one featuring a new drivetrain. PGZ is also engaged in a negotiation with Patria, concerning extension of the Rosomak APC license-manufacturing agreement.

The Armament Inspectorate recently sent out an invitation letter concerning the negotiation ZSSW-30 turrets deliveries for the Rosomak APC. This is a consequence of successful completion of a qualification test programme, regarding the said turret developed by HSW and WB Electronics. To completely meet the demand, extra APCs would also need to be procured. The Polish military currently has around 100 APCs as such - according to data released during an October meeting of the Parliamentary National Defence Commission. Procurement of 341 turret systems has been meanwhile planned.

During the meeting of the Commission it was also noted that elements of the drivetrain used in the legacy Rosomak platform are no longer manufactured. The above probably refers to the Scania DC12 engine, replaced by the Scania DC13 model. The Armament Inspectorate stated during the meeting that the situation is being scrutinized, while the results of the investigation would allow it to smoothly transition to further deliveries, once base platforms remaining at disposal of the military are used up - they are the first ones to receive the new turrets.

PGZ Group also referred to the Rosomak APC deliveries, responding to our inquiry: For now we are offering the base variant of the Rosomak APC on the Polish Market, since requirements as such are communicated by the Polish Armed Forces. If the requirements of the Ordering Party are changed, or a necessity emerges to deliver vehicles that would comply with other needs, we are ready to offer both upgraded Rosomak APC variants, as well as alternative solutions, in collaboration with manufacturers coming from foreign markets. (...) We are currently offering a Rosomak APC with the DC12 engine to the Polish military, while, within the framework of the Rosomak WPT project, we have presented a prototype outfitted with the DC13 engine. The said prototype is currently undergoing the qualification tests. PGZ also assured that there is no possibility to procure DC12 engines, to meet the current demand. Referring to cooperation with Patria, the OEM of the APC, it was stated:PGZ is currently talking to Patria Oy, covering further cooperation. The current memoranda secure the Rosomak S.A.’s needs, within the scope of finalizing orders by the year 2023.

ZSSW-30 Turret for Rosomak Passes the Test Programme

Back in 2019 Rosomak S.A. concluded an agreement with Patria, making it possible to deliver the new Rosomak XP variant of the APC, based on the new generation AMV XP platform. AMV XP is a new design offering enhanced protection and many upgrades. It is powered by the aforesaid Scania DC13 engine, with a power output of 450 kW/610 HP. The XP is probably one of the upgraded variants mentioned by the PGZ Group.

The information provided by the PGZ also suggests that it is possible to deliver APCs based on the standard Rosomak, also with a new engine. Finally, the decision would be made by the Polish Ministry of Defence and by the Armed Forces, with several options to choose from. One thing is certain, fielding of the ZSSW turret system with a new hunter-killer FCS, and integration of the Spike ATGM, remains one of the most urgent needs the Polish Armed Forces have. This is even more significant, as ZSSW is also to be integrated on the Borsuk IFV.