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The Army Will Acquire Turret Components For The Rosomak Armoured Vehicles

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Polish Army’s 4th Regional Logistics Base released information, according to which it looks for a supplier of replacement parts for the HITFIST 30 mm turret, utilized by the Polish Rosomak APC. The order is going to be realized between 2015 and 2018.

The subject of the public procurement procedure, realized in a form of a limited tender, is to create a framework agreement that would regulate procurement of the replacement parts for the HITFIST 30 mm turret. The order is going to be realized between 2015 and 2018, its value is estimated at the level of a little more than PLN 130 million. The offer placing deadline expires on 4th August this year. The lowest price constitutes the main criterion for selection of the preferred offer.

HITFIST-30P is a two-man crew turret fitted with ATK Mk. 44 automatic cannon with bilateral ammunition feed and coupled UKM-2000C machine gun. The armament is stabilized in two planes and it is fitted with a night-time/day-time fire control system, featuring a laser range-finder, together with a thermal imaging device.

Rosomak S.A. company has a license to repair, integrate, maintain and assemble the Hitfist-30P turrets. The company also has a right to sell the turrets to the third parties. What is more, the Siemianowice-based facility may also modernize the turret and integrate it with the newly procured systems.