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The Industry Is Going To Gain Benefits From The Homar System. US HIMARS offer [ TV]

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According to Joe L. Garland, Vice President Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, the Lockheed Martin compny has established close cooperation with the HSW company, as well as with some other defence industry businesses from Poland. Garland stated that the above moves have been made in relation to the HIMARS missile system offer, placed within the scope of the Homar programme. The representative of the Lockheed Martin company also discussed the aforesaid offer with regard to the Wisła programme, as well as the contract related to procurement of the JASSM missiles for the Polish Army.

Lockheed Martin offers the HIMARS weapons system within the scope of the Homar [Lobster] programme, carried out by the Polish Ministry of Defence. The aim of the initiative is to provide the Polish Army with long range strike capacity, at distances of up to 300 kilometers. The US-based company also proposes the PAC-3 anti-aircraft missiles, within the scope of the Wisła programme. Lockheed Martin is also the manufacturer of the JASSM missiles which are going to become the armament of the Polish F-16 jet fighters. The company is ready to support the governments of the USA and of Poland, should a decision be made to acquire the long range variant of the missile - the JASSM-ER.

HIMARS system is utilized by the US Army, and by the armed forces of some other states. The system is using two varieties of missiles, namely GMLRS - with a range of 80 kilometers, also known as the “sniper rifle” and ATACMS, with a range of 300 kilometers. Both missile systems offer precision strike capabilities, as it is noted by Joe Garland, Vice President Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
Lockheed Martin is involved in close cooperation with the Polish enterprises, including the Huta Stalowa Wola company and other subjects involved in the Homar initiative, within the scope of polonisation of the programme. Representatives of the Polish defence industry visited the Texas based Lockheed Martin facility and the production facility located in Camden, Arkansas. There, the officials got acquainted with the HIMARS system production processes.

The company additionally offers the PAC-3 anti-ballistic and anti-aircraft missiles, within the scope of the “Wisła” programme. These missiles have a “hit-to-kill” capability, meaning that they are capable of destroying the target with a direct hit. PAC-3 missiles is effective both against the ballistic missiles, as well as against the air-breathing targets - airplanes or cruise missiles.
Poland is the third export user of the JASSM missiles, coming after Australia and Finland. Joe L. Garland, Vice President Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control expressed his satisfaction with the option of signing an agreement with Poland. Integration of the AGM-158A JASSM missiles is going to be realized on the Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters. The cost of the integration works is contained within the price of the contract.

Now, intergovernmental negotiations between Poland and the United States are being carried out, pertaining acquisition of the JASSM-ER missiles, which - according to the available information - are capable of striking their targets at distances exceeding 900 kilometers. Lockheed Martin company is ready to support the US and Polish authorities, within the scope of potential JASSM-ER procurement.