113 MP5 Machine Pistols For The Polish Police

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    Fot. polskiemedium.wordpress.com

Commander of the Polish Police announced (again) a tender, the aim of which is to procure 113 MP5 9mm machine pistols in two variants. The final offer placing deadline expires on 16th September, while the deliveries are to be completed until mid-December this year. 

This is the second MP5 machine pistols acquisition attempt, made by the Polish Police in so short period of time. The tender, in case of which the offer placing deadline expired on 7th January, was to lead to acquisition of 218 examples of the weapon in total – in MP5A5, MP5K-PDW and MP5SD6 varieties.

The new tender is related to acquisition of 110 MP5A5 (folding stock) weapons, and 3 MP5SD6 (folding stock/integrated silencer) machine pistols, along with the required equipment. Both varieties use the 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition.
What’s interesting, quantitatively the tender is identical to the previous one, same applies to the delivery term which – in this case, starts 4 days after the offers are received – on 20th September. The whole acquisition is going to be realized by 15th December. The offers are assessed on the basis of the price (80% weight), guarantee period, covering the weapons and the magazines (10%) and on the basis of compatibility with the existing examples (10%).