MSPO 2018: Rosomak APC, Leopard MBT and Grom MANPADS Simulator.

Simulator of the GROM MANPADS. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/
Simulator of the GROM MANPADS. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/

The Szczecin-based Autocomp-Management company, acting as a supplier of simulation and training solutions from Poland, is constantly gaining more reputation domestically and abroad. During this year’s edition of the MSPO event in Kielce the company demonstrates some entirely new solutions, alongside the well known and modified systems.

One of the most important products is the company’s high fidelity Rosomak APC troop compartment simulator also featuring selected elements of the combat compartment. Another interesting product is the simulator of the GROM MANPADS solution coupled with a set of VR googles. Obviously, both products, when coupled with specialist software, may act as an element of virtual battlefield, within a common virtual space.

The offered GROM MANPADS system allows for the following:

  • Execution of launcher training, in line with the training programme;
  • Learning and enhancing the skills in MANPADS use, within the scope of acting against airborne targets in a variety of operational/combat contexts;
  • Improving the command system at the selected levels, within the scope of utilizing the available weaponry;
  • Furthermore, similarly to other modern simulators, this solution makes it possible to diminish the training cost with regards to the GROM MANPADS.
TTT series Simulator. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/

TTT (Table Top Trainer) simulator is another innovative solution, designed to train the crews of the Leopard main battle tanks. This type of a system is being manufactured by ACM for the German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG (KMW) entity and it has already been widely introduced in the Bundeswehr’s armoured battalions.

TTT series Simulator. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska
TTT series Simulator. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska

This modern, modular and simple to use simulator could also significantly improve the existing training system used by the Polish Leopard tank crews. This could happen as the Polish system is based on old solutions, while the 1st Armoured Brigade stationed in Wesoła has no own training systems at its disposal in general, when it comes to the Leopard platform. It shall be emphasized that the TTT series of training systems may be used to develop solutions dedicated for other combat vehicles operated by the Polish military, including the Krab (self-propelled howitzer), Rak (self-propelled mortar) or Poprad (V/SHORAD system) systems.

TTT series simulators make it possible to carry out training for the individual members of the crews (in a divided manner, between the commander, loader, driver and gunner), however they may also be used to integrate the whole crews as well as to perfect the platoon and company commander skills within the scope of battle organization and combat. The simulator system in question also allows the user to train and refine the skills related to firing and tactical procedures, starting from the stage at which the crew gets acquainted with the principles of operation of the aiming systems for instance (crosshair design etc.), and finishing with enhancement of the skills within the scope of effectively firing the onboard armament (tank gun or machine gun). No specially designed quarters are required for the system, only some conditions need to be met. The operational temperature range is defined as +17°C to +35°C and maximum length of uninterrupted training period shall be kept at a level that would not be shorter than 12 hours.

Modular design of the TTT system makes it possible to replicate any element of the battle unit and carry out gunnery training within a wide scope, from acting against the enemy as a single vehicle to commanding a tank platoon and company. The training may be based on a variety of tactical scenarios, in defensive and offensive settings, taking place in any terrain and weather conditions, at night and during the day. All modules are connected within a virtual battlespace. And all are of a very high quality.

TTT usually comes in a form of an integrated set consisting of 4 to 5 modules, depending on the configuration (with or without the loader). Each of the modules features an integrated transport frame that makes it possible to rapidly prepare it for operation or transport. The system also includes integrated computers, displays, electronic and executive systems, all required for the simulator to function. The kit includes elements as follows:

  • IOS Module (Instructor – System Operator);
  • CMDR Module (Vehicle Commander);
  • DRV Module (Driver), with a detachable foot-pedals module;
  • LDR Module (Loader, optional);

Accessory box is also provided, including wiring and external hardware (headphones, mouse and keyboard for the instructor, driver’s foot-pedals module, wiring) required to launch the system.

The simulator is fully integrated with the currently utilized LEOPARD and ŚNIEŻNIK solutions (increased number of crews involved in joint platoon training (LEOPARD on its own) to the company level is possible). Furthermore, bilateral training is also possible, with the TTT users controlling vehicles different from Leopards in engagements against the Leopard crews.

TASZNIK Rosomak APC commander/gunner simulator model. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/ 
TASZNIK Rosomak APC commander/gunner simulator model. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/  

Autocomp-Management Sp. z o.o remains ready to deliver the TTT systems to the tank elements of the Polish Armed Forces, especially for the purpose of providing training to the crews of the main battle tanks upgraded to the Leopard 2PL standard.

Obviously other smaller SME (Small Military Equipment) class systems have also been displayed at the ACM’s stand during the MSPO event, including simulators of main battle tank targeting systems, optical equipment and other combat vehicle systems.

All products that replicate the actual equipment are manufactured with high fidelity which makes the training fully realistic for the soldiers involved. This translates into high realism of the learning process per se, involving the ACM’s simulators, optics and other equipment.

Rosomak APC troop compartment simulator. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/
Rosomak APC troop compartment simulator. Image Credit: Marta Rachwalska/