Polish Thermal Imaging Systems for the PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tank

Image Credit: Archive of the 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade.
Image Credit: Archive of the 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade.

PCO S.A. is working on delivering another lot of ZMKT kits (Zestaw Modyfikacyjnych Kamer Termowizyjnch - Modifying Thermal Imaging Cameras Kit) needed to carry out upgrades in case of the Polish tanks. The supplies are being carried out in collaboration with the 2nd Regional Logistics Base. The equipment package including the KLW-1 thermal imaging camera has been designed to be fitted onto the PT-91 Twardy main battle tanks equipped with the SKO-1T (Drawa-T) fire control system. The camera would be acting as the gunner’s sight.

Delivery of the ZMKT adaptive packages in a number of 5 kits is the subject of the order. The 2nd Regional Logistics Base announced that the final value of the order is equal to PLN 3.321 million (gross amount).

The order underwent implementation within the framework of a negotiation procedure without a release being published, concerning the order. The military stresses the fact that a single-source procurement procedure used here stems directly from protection of the exclusive rights, as the ZMKT packages are being manufactured by the PCO S.A. company only. 

The final decision on the order being awarded has been made on 30th October this year, and this is yet another delivery of the ZMKT products received by the military this year. Back in February an agreement had been made, on the basis of which PCO S.A. would have been obliged to deliver 8 ZMKT kits by the end of October. 

ZMKT is formed by a number of elements required to replace the currently used TES camera with a new KLW-1 device. A single ZMKT kit includes the following elements: KLW-1 ASTERIA thermal vision camera, KLW-1 camera adapter physically connecting the camera with the SKO Drawa-T gunner’s sight, WD-1 gunner’s display, MD-1 gunner’s monitor, MFM-2 multifunction display unit and a wiring package (KZ1-KZ3).