Wisła Programme: PGZ Secures the First Order

Image Credit: Raytheon
Image Credit: Raytheon

HSW S.A. has received the first order from the Raytheon company, within the framework of the preparatory works concerning the Wisła programme contract.

PGZ S.A., on conclusion of the contract, was represented by the Group’s Vice-President, Sebastian Chwiałek, whereas HSW S.A. was represented by Jacek Kosiński and Bartłomiej Zając. Meanwhile Wes Kremer, Tom Laliberty and Pete Bata have signed the agreement on behalf of Raytheon.

It is the first order awarded to the PGZ Group by the Raytheon company, within the framework of the Wisła programme. The order includes development of the initial programme Management Plan, as well as of the Maturity Plan. The purpose of the latter document is to identify the risks that could emerge when implementing the programme. Formal implementation of the plan, apart from the above-listed purposes, is also to cover some of the cost incurred by HSW S.A., with regards to preparation of the offer concerning integration and manufacturing process related to the M903 Patriot missile launcher.

Raytheon company representatives also issued a statement concerning the signed agreement. They said that the company is happy with signing the contract that paves the way for HSW, to manufacture and integrate all 16 launchers for the Polish Patriot fire units. The agreement, as Wes Kremer suggested, also begins the process, within the framework of signing contracts with the Polish companies that would acquire and absorb the leading defence technologies.

Thanks to the above, Poland would be able to participate in manufacturing of the Patriot system components. And this concerns both components destined to be used for own needs, as well as the parts that could be requested by other users of the Patriot system. The company also declared that it is keeping its promise with regards to maintaining an active collaboration and partnership with the Polish industry. Raytheon is going to transfer its expertise related to the management of large and complex programmes run by the US DoD. Jointly, together with PGZ and HSW, Raytheon is going to work on the success of the Wisła system - the representatives announced.

Awarding a T&M (Time and Material) contract to HSW S.A. confirms, as PGZ suggests, the readiness of the PGZ-WISŁA consortium companies to implement the programme, also within the scope of absorbing the offset. Above all, it is also symptomatic with regards to the future orders that are to be placed within the scope of procurement and inclusion of the WISŁĄ system in the Polish military. The consortium is also ready, when it comes to inclusion in the global supply chain of the Patriot system. 

Another of the programme’s milestones is going to concern signing of an executive contract, pertaining to integration and production of 16 Patriot missile launchers, within the framework of Phase I of the Wisła procurement. The said document is to be signed by the end of this year. As a result of the intergovernmental negotiation, PGZ would obtain technologies and know-how that would make it possible to relevantly participate in manufacturing of the launcher and its components. All of the batteries delivered to Poland will be equipped with launchers, most of which are going to be manufactured at the Polish facilities. Solution as such would also diminish the life-cycle cost of the system and the launchers, in case of which the Group’s companies would be liable for the operational support and upgrades.

PGZ-WISŁA consortium consists of 14 subjects, that, as a group, are responsible for implementing the programme: PGZ S.A., HSW S.A., ZM MESKO S.A., PIT-RADWAR S.A., Military Electronic Works S.A., Jelcz Sp. z o.o, Autosan Sp. z o.o, OBR CTM S.A., WZU S.A., ZM Tarnów S.A., WZL No. 1 S.A., WZL No. 2 S.A., and WZŁ No. 1 S.A. Some of the Group’s companies will be working as the subcontractors subordinated to the entities listed above.