2 Offers Left in the Polish Navy’s UAV Procurement

The Armament Inspectorate told us that the Albatros programme pursued by the Polish Navy, in order to procure short-range tactical UAV, now involves just two bidders, out of those who had been originally invited to place their offers. 

The bidders that applied to participate in the public procurement procedure concerning the VTOL UAVs, also known as Albatros, have been listed below:

  1. UMS Skeldar.
  2. WB Electronics S.A.
  3. WSK „PZL-Świdnik” S.A. together with Leonardo S.p.A.
  5. Works 11 Sp. z o.o. ALONG WITH z Martin UAV.
  6. Siltec Sp. z o.o.

After reviewing the documents, the spokesman for the Inspectorate informs, only two bidders were invited to place their preliminary offers:

  1. WB Electronics S.A.
  2. Schiebel Elektronische Geräte GmbH

The procurement procedure in the Albatros programme refers to one VTOL UAV system (set). They should be capable of undertaking operations from land, and in an embarked setting. Optionally, another set of UAVs may be acquired. A short deadline is a relevant limitation in the Albatros acquisition - defined by the Armament Inspectorate as no more than 15 months from the date when the agreement is signed.

No technical requirements have been disclosed for this programme. However, the technical dialogue concerning the Albatros system that was going on since 2016, suggests that the acquisition concerns a tactical VTOL UAS that can be operated in a land-based and embarked setting, with MTOW of up to 200 kilograms.

The daytime/night operation capability has been required, over land and over water, with minimized RCS and IR signature. The above characteristics are to allow the UAS to carry out a broad spectrum of missions - reconnaissance over land and sea, or SAR missions, involving optoelectronic sensors and synthetic aperture radars. The UAVs in question would play a relevant role in the operations undertaken by the Navy, designating targets for anti-ship missiles used by the Naval Missile Unit, and the warships.